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Scala for Java Developers, A Practical Primer

This book is for Java developers looking to transition to programming Scala. It helps translate what you already know in Java to Scala and kick starts your functional programming journey.

The book takes a tour of Scala to get you up and running then compares Java syntax directly to Scala to give you a quick start translating one-to-one. It goes on to describe Scala specific features including monads and for-comprehensions. The book wraps up with some general advice adopting Scala in Java teams.

The source code is available on GitHub.



Essential Acceptance Testing

Essential Acceptance Testing questions the conventional acceptance testing techniques used by many teams today. Download the free sample chapters or read it online at Leanpub.

It’s around 65 pages (15,000 words).

Have traditional agile testing techniques become testing dogma? Have we adopted a cargo cult of testing? Do these techniques really help build great products? Do they help us get from concept to cash or are they holding us back?



What’s New in Java 8

This is the companion book to my Udemy course of the same name. If you buy the course, it’s free, otherwise get 10% off the course with this link.

The book is about 110 pages (20,000 words) and the course has about 2 hours of video content.

Learn about the new features in Java 8 with with over 2 hours of content. Part 1 focuses on lambdas and the changes needed in Java to support them.