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Convert a Callable to a Runnable

The Executors class has helper methods to convert from a Runnable to a Callable, presumably so you can submit a Runnable task to an executor, but it doesn’t offer the counterpart helper. Something to convert a Callable to a Runnable.

Callable, like Runnable, is still just something that can be called. It offers a return type but really has nothing to do with concurrency, it just so happens to fit in nicely with the executor framework like Runnable does with Thread.

Often I’ll have utility classes, useful nuggets of functionality dressed up as a Callable, and if I want to schedule them with an executor with a fixed delay or fixed rate, I can’t. The interface wants a Runnable and only a Runnable. Most likely because it doesn’t really make much sense to schedule a fixed rate execution of a task that returns something when it would take quite some thinking to actually do something with the return value.

None the less, I’d like to schedule something at a fixed rate (ignoring the result) that I also schedule elsewhere and actually do something with the result.

Test First

Starting with the tests, any helper must delegate to the Callable and handle any exceptions.

public class CallableAdapterTest {
   private final Mockery context = new Mockery();
   private final Callable callable = context.mock(Callable.class);

   private static final Object RESULT = new Object();

   public void delegates() throws Exception {

   public void exceptionBubblesUp() throws Exception {
      callableWill(throwException(new Exception()));

   private void callableWill(final Action action) throws Exception {
      context.checking(new Expectations() {{
         one(callable).call(); will(action);

The Code

To get a green light, the implementation is fairly trivial.

public class CallableAdapter {

   public static Runnable runnable(final Callable callable) {
      return new Runnable() {
         public void run()
            } catch (Exception e) {
               throw new RuntimeException(e);

You can find the code in the tempus-fugit project.

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